Hair style woman


 No matter what your hair goals are, here are the perfect hairstyles that will make you look confident and beautiful.

     What kind of hair do you have? (fine, thick, curly, straight, etc.)
      What is your hair length? (Short, Medium, Long)
      What is your face shape? (round, square, heart, oval, etc.)
      What is your style? (Classic, Trendy, Edge, Elegant etc.)
      What kind of occasion do you style your hair for? (Daily wear, work, special event, etc.)

Some special hairstyles that flatter your features and suit your needs

      Haircuts: bobs, lobs, layers, pixies, shags and more!
      Styling Techniques: Braids, Waves, Curls, Updos and More!
      Hair colors and highlights: subtle blends, vibrant shades, and everything in between!
      Accessories: headband, hairpins, clips and other fun additions!